7 Ways to Find Inner Happiness

Happiness is on the list of words that we don’t understand well. We spend our entire lives searching for this intangible thing. We think that we can get happiness if we get this or that. However, the ancient yoga experts are of the opinion that we can get real happiness only if we stop thinking about getting material stuff. What we should do is get the lasting joy that lies within us. Given below are some of the simple ways of getting happiness.

Take it easy

In difficult times, such as illness or loss, we tend to lose our humor and get involved with negative thoughts. What you need to do is not take yourself too serious. Doing so will bring you lightness and you will be able to cope with the difficult circumstances more easily.

Illness, loss and suffering

You should not identify yourself with loss, illness or suffering. Some people realized how they had been making the mistake of identifying themselves as patients. Actually, you may not want to identify yourself with the issues. This will help you know who you actually are and you will be able to shine.

Be yourself

It’s perfectly fine to be you. Don’t think that you are imperfect, falling apart, unable to cope, hopeless or a mess. If you want true perfection, what you need to do is accept yourself with all your imperfections. And it includes all of what you like or dislike. As a matter of fact, this is the best way of preventing yourself from struggling.

Make friends with yourself

You should make friends with yourself. As a matter of fact, this is the relationship that will stand the test of time for you. You can be the best friend to yourself. Therefore, beating yourself up emotionally is not a good idea.

Don’t repress your feelings

When you are going through difficult times, it may be easy for you to suppress or deny your feelings. However, if you can honor what you feel, you will get a bit closer to the real happiness. The greatest gift is to acknowledge and make friends with yourself by accepting everything that you may have.

Forgive yourself

Let’s agree that we all make mistakes. Instead of hating yourself, you should learn to forgive yourself. What you need to do is forgive yourself whenever you feel angry, upset or overly emotional. Learn to take the shape or guilt and don’t punish yourself. Self-forgiveness is something that can help you gain the inner peace.


Lots of research studies have done in order to demonstrate how meditation can change your happiness and contentment by triggering the factor called “feel-good”. If you have never meditated before, we suggest that you try it now. Put your hesitation aside and give it a go.

So, these are 7 simple ways of getting inner happiness. If you have been going through difficult circumstances and you have been finding it hard to find inner peace, we suggest that you try out these tips.

Source by Shalini Madhav

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