How to Be a True Leader

True leaders are mentors with a servant’s heart. These are not just pretty words to fill out space. If you are NOT a true servant to others, with a true passion for helping people, you won’t ever be a true leader in the real sense of term.

You may be doing well and have a list of people listening to your advice already, but that alone does not make you a leader. People are not numbers you can just add on your mailing list, they are people with dreams and goals like yours. As a leader, it should be your goal to lead people to where they want to be. This applies especially for those of us who are online entrepreneurs such as, network marketers, affiliate marketer, internet marketers, and bloggers.

Being a leader, is not something you have to be born with. You can develop the qualities of a leader by being a good student follower first. Those who have been followers first, actually make the best leaders.

True leaders, however, are no average people in the sense that must be above average. I mean by that, that if you are a person who has no dream or goal what-so-ever, there might not be any hope for you to ever become a leader. A want-to-be leader must have active thoughts of achievements, a strong drive and a strong will to take action.

What Are the requirements?

A true leader must have a great deal of self confidence, knowledge in his or her field, and compassion to help people. Self confidence is acquired through knowledge, personal development and practice of the control of the mind. Knowledge is acquired through research, reading, study and practice. Compassion for others is a spiritual quality which is almost impossible to acquire if you were “born” without it.

They must be free of selfish desire, doubts, lack of knowledge, and lack of practice.

Such teachers in leadership must not be selfish, but have a desire to take others to the top with them. They are not afraid of competition. Fear of competition is a mark of self-doubt. Such people are not struck with jalousie and panic when one of their followers become a leader himself. If you are a true leader, you should encourage your followers to become leaders themselves. Such leaders are an inspiration to their followers.

Maybe it took a true leader for you to be where you are now, or maybe you haven’t met one yet. If you have not met a true leader to lead you to leadership yet, search for it. There are Life Coaches that you can find locally or online that will be happy to guide you.

Source by Sylviane Nuccio

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