How To Identify The Characteristics Of Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can occur at any point in a person’s life. Some people who are especially susceptible to such feelings are usually teenagers who are influenced to a large extent by what other people think about them. Other categories of people can be affected by such issues as well such as new mothers who are entering a different phase of their lives that they weren’t really aware of or haven’t experienced before.

If you want to know whether people or anyone close to you is currently suffering from low self-esteem, you can look at any of these signs to determine is the signs are typical of the person in question:

  • Lack of Satisfaction. For people with low self esteem, the grass is always greener on the other side. These sorts of people are never satisfied with any aspect of their lives whether this aspect is their family or their car, these people constantly want more with the feeling that something bigger will give them the joy they desire.
  • Apprehension of the Unknown. People who have low self-esteem are often afraid to try new things. Their fear of the unknown prevents them from doing what they really want to do and achieving their full potential.
  • Staying in the Past. Low self-esteem sufferers are constantly unable to focus on the “here and now” they spend a huge amount of time bothering about the future and thinking about their past mistakes. These people often fail to enjoy the current joys that life provides them with.
  • Self Dissatisfaction. Such people often fail to be comfortable with themselves; these people constantly focus on the negative and focus on losses instead of successes. They constantly neglect themselves or focus too much on their appearance because they lack the belief in their looks.
  • Acceptance of Imperfections. These people are constantly unable to accept the fact that they’re not perfect. They strive for perfection at all times and become increasingly distraught when they fail to achieve the superficial standards of perfection they set for themselves. These people are also over sensitive and worry about criticism at all times.
  • Lack of Intimacy. These people can’t be really intimate with other people and find it hard and impossible to be intimate with friends, family and other people. The relationships they have tend to be surface level at best.
  • Busy Bees. Busy people don’t have the chance to look at their fundamental problems and issues, so people with self-esteem issues often hide their real feelings and issues by appearing to be constantly busy.

Source by Darren Williger

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