Self Empowerment – How to Gain This Attribute

How can you get self-empowered? Is there really a way to just gain this attribute or are you just born with it?

Gaining the attribute of self-empowerment is really a life-long process. We make it to one level, plateau out there for a while but at some point we’ll have to move up to the next level.

The journey of self-empowerment is really a journey of self-love, self-respect and self-confidence. Empowerment is the power that comes from within. We all have power. We all can weld energy whether it be positive or negative. But the attribute of self-empowerment is how to we maintain our own power and respect in the face of a conflicting power?

By learning to love yourself, gain your own respect and confidence is the path to gaining this attribute. So begin by learning to saying loving things to yourself. Love yourself warts and all because self-love and appreciation is the basis for building self-respect. How can you respect yourself or have others respect you if you don’t love yourself? Start by focusing on the parts of your that you appreciate and like, your talents and positive aspects.

As this love for yourself grows, you’ll begin to see ways to build your self-respect. This comes from keeping your word to yourself. We make so many promises and grandiose statements to ourselves about what we should be doing but so often we don’t follow through. We let ourselves down by not maintaining our word. And when this happens, we beat ourselves up over it. We disempower ourselves at this point with this negative self-talk.

The best way to build self-respect is to commit to doing something and then follow it through to the end. The trick is to make it smaller enough that you aren’t intimidated by it which will lead to not completing the task. You have to make it really small at first. For example, instead of saying that you’ll get up at 5 a.m. every day and exercise, you say you’ll get up just 5 minutes earlier today. Once you can get up 5 minutes earlier, within a few days of maintaining this new wake-up time, you can set the clock back another 5 minutes. And keep on this speed until you can set the clock back eventually to 5 a.m.

Once you learn how to build your self-respect through these small personal challenges, you’ll feel that you have power over you. You empower yourself to stick to your word, respect yourself and above all love yourself. It’s about learning that all power comes from within and we are masters of where we place that power.

Source by Anne Dessens

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