John Deere 3038E

John Deere 3038E

The John Deere 3038E Compact Tractor The JD 3038E is a highly versatile machine that is perfect for any homeowner (or commercial contractor) with a wide variety of jobs to do. This is mainly thanks to the wide variety of accessories that are compatible with it. Obviously there are a ton of different mower decks that can be mounted in the center or rear of the tractor. These range in size from 54 inches to 72 inches in cutting width.

But it’s not just the mowing that the John Deere 3038E is good for. There are a large number of different sized backhoes (260, 8B and 46 backhoes are just a few examples), as well as front loaders (200x, 305 and 512 loaders are just a few of the loaders compatible with the JD 3038E). This without forgetting a variety of seeders and snow cleaning equipment (snow blowers, snow blades, rotary brooms).

The Yanmar 3TNV86T-NJT diesel engine with 1,568 L (95.68 cu in) displacement, turbocharged and liquid cooled, delivers 27.4 kW (36.7 PS) to the 3038E.

* Engine kW (hp), gross SAE J1995: 27.4 (36.7) @ 2,500 rpm, PS , кВт (л.с.), полная по SAE J1995: 27,4 (36,7) при 2500 об / мин, л.с.
Объем двигателя , л (куб. Дюйм): 1,568 (95,68)

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The engine John Deere 3038E uses the latest technologies to optimize fuel economy, improve control and precision, and reduce environmental impact. The Common Rail System (CRS) optimizes fuel economy and reduces operating costs compared to engines that do not use CRS technology. High pressure injection atomizes the fuel into finer particles that burn more completely. The result is better fuel economy and lower cost of ownership.

The electronic control unit (ECU) provides optimum fuel control and precision. The ECU monitors and controls the engine. Continuously monitors engine conditions and adjusts fuel supply accordingly to ensure optimum performance and emissions.

The engine has an aftertreatment system. The system works automatically. The exhaust filter consists of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) that captures the particulate matter (PM) contained in the exhaust gases. Through a natural cleaning process, most of the PM trapped in the exhaust filter is removed by the heat of the exhaust stream generated by normal use. In low temperature, motor speed or load factor situations, an active cleaning cycle is initiated. In this cleaning cycle, the temperature of the exhaust gases is raised by injecting additional fuel during the exhaust stroke of normal vehicle operation into the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).

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Reviews John Deere 3038E

I have had my John Deere 3038E for 4 years and it has exceeded my expectations. I use it to shovel snow, level my driveway, and for general yard work. Starts perfectly all year round. I have detachable forks on the loader and I can haul more than one load of grass from a truck and a bucket full of class 5 gravel is no problem. This tractor is fabulous. I have not had any problems. Plus, I got a tremendous deal with John Deere. 5 years without interest. It is still a great tractor after 4 years.

This is my first tractor so this is a first impression review. We are planning to build in about a year on 8 acres of pine forest replanted with trees around 15 years old. My immediate purpose for the purchase was to clear under the pines in all the areas we plan to plant for low maintenance, partial sun things like azaleas, dogwood, and such. This thing is awesome! It has a lot of power, good balance, and is very agile in and around large trees.

My favorite weapons so far are the fork and blade combo with fluid filled tires. I’m clearing brush while smoothing out the rows of washboards left over from the reforestation efforts. The forks allow me to grab downed logs and burn piles with ease. Fuel consumption is very low. I am lucky to use 5 gallons of diesel in an all day session. The unevenness of my terrain often reminds me that the 3038E is a narrow frame / short wheelbase machine. You have to be careful with quick grade changes, but I’ve never felt like it was going to tip over. I usually lose traction with one or more wheels and have to unhook any attachment that is holding me.

We have used tractor for brushing, digging post holes, cultivating a 3,500 square foot garden and about four acres of pasture, raking the landscape and maintaining the driveway, as well as lifting, hauling, pulling and digging (using the bucket to dig sand and lime-rock). He’s done everything we’ve asked of him and he’s never failed us (although I got stuck in deep, loose sand once, my fault). I have done most of the maintenance (fluid and filter changes, greasing), and with one infuriating exception I have found them easy.

All filters and lubricants are easy to drain and replace, even 5.5 gallons of transmission and hydraulic fluid. Draining the radiator is easy. However, draining the last portion of coolant from the block requires removing and replacing a drain plug that is difficult to find, difficult to remove, and almost impossible to replace. The Yanmar engineers who decided to put this drain plug in a small corner of the engine block weren’t thinking about accessibility when they designed it. Other than this, the tractor has been a pleasure to own and operate. Customer service from our John Deere dealer has also been excellent.

For the price, you are getting a very reliable and versatile tractor John Deere 3038E that can fit in some very small spaces. The narrow design of the tractor helps to enter barns, meadows, garden areas, between buildings, etc. easily. My machine has been very reliable from the beginning, with no problems. Even after 250 hours of use, you haven’t burned a drop of engine or transmission oil. I keep checking both regularly in hopes of adding a little oil here and there and I can’t believe I don’t need it. Engine oil hardly discolors, even after using the machine for more than 50 hours after an oil change.

The four wheel drive of this machine helps a lot when it comes to digging and avoiding getting stuck. Where I live the ground can be very soft. The wide rear tires aid traction on soft ground and prevent deep grooves in the wheels – even in the mud my machine has not stuck and has not been able to roll out on its own.

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