John Deere 3038E changing the oil

John Deere 3038E changing the oil Problems

John Deere 3038E has just under 200 hours on it. I am planning to change the oil next week, and I have some questions. The user guide shows 12 steps, is that really all there is?

How are the cylinders drained, or is there residual oil in the system? Is the full 5.5 gallons used? Is it true that they are self-bleeding, which means that air pockets will not be a problem? If you have a suction filter.

I’m changing the oil because i’ve noticed little things here and there, the curl doesn’t have the fine touch it used to, the lift doesn’t seem to work for the rated 1200 pounds, it looks like it could only lift 7-8 bags of cement (I exclude the weight of fork and paddle total) and the 3-point drop bounces down, instead of a smooth descent.

It seems that the symptoms are slowly getting worse. Hope the filter and oil change help with those issues.

3038E serial number up to 609999 using manual OMLVU20279

Every 50 Hours:

• Check front axle oil level;

• Lubricate machine.

Every 200 Hours:

• Change the engine oil and filter;

• Inspect the alternator belt;

• Check the torque of the wheel bolts.

Every 400 Hours:

• Change the transmission oil and filter;

• Replace the fuel filter.

Were there so many problems with the hydraulic system that they forced this change of service interval between the two series ranges?

Where should I find the suction filter?

The loader cylinders will not empty. There will also be residues in other places, as things are.

What I do, unless I’ve done quite a few oil changes on a certain piece of equipment, is the following:

If 5.5 gallons are ordered, start with 4.5 gallons. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and check the level. Then keep adding a quart at a time while you wait until you have just got it.

While you wait for those 15-20 minute intervals, clean, put away your tools, grease the charger, check the tightening torque of the wheel bolts, etc.

Yes, they are self bled. Once the engine is running for a few seconds you are good to go.

JD changed his service program on the 3E series at least once, maybe twice. I don’t think there have been any hydraulic problems, at least mine has never had one related to the tractor that made them change their maintenance schedule.

You have to include the weight of the forks and the pallet when determining how much weight you are lifting. Also, the amount of ballast in the rear that you have, which affects how much you can lift as well.

Changing the fluid is always a good first step, usually the easiest thing to do.

Remember there are two filters in a 3E series, JD calls one of them a screen. There is a big filter and a small one, both are screw like IIRC. You are never going to completely drain the system, so don’t worry about oil in the lift cylinders.

JD hydraulics bleed themselves, so don’t worry about air in the system. When you fill it up again do not overfill it. Please be patient as it may take a minute for the hydraulic system to work again.

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