John Deere 3038E Fuel Tank

John Deere 3038E Fuel Tank Problems

John Deere 3038E Fuel Tank

We have a John Deere 3038E and have had multiple problems with the fuel system. We had the machine at the dealership and they have cleaned a screen in the tank and have had to change the fuel filters repeatedly. My husband knows quite a bit about engine work, but this is his first diesel machine. We recently had the same problem – we changed the fuel filter and cleaned the sediment tank. The tractor took 2 hours to fill the sediment bucket, which seems like a long time to me. Could the “screen” inside the fuel tank be clogged again? Why is this not listed in the technical manual parts list?

We paid to get the 2 CD’s on our tractor so that we would have the parts list to order the parts, but there is no list of a screen or filter inside the tank and I know this has been cleaned once before.

I intend to start using Agri fuel treatment by FPPF, but should we do anything to clean the tank before we start? How can we clean this grill without removing the fuel tank, or is that the only way to clean it?

It is best to remove the tank and take out any accessories you can. It could be that the algae in the tank is clogging it. I think the fixture at the bottom of the tank to filter has a screen inside the tank. I can’t look right now to see the pieces for sure. But in different models it does not call it a screen. He just calls it an accessory, but in the picture of the pieces it looks long. Longer than fitting protrudes from tank to hose. Take that accessory out and clean it or get a new one. I hope this helps.

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