John Deere 3038E hydraulic fluid

John Deere 3038E hydraulic fluid Problems

John Deere 3038E hydraulic fluid

My John Deere 3038E Hydraulic Oil was in the middle of the immersion rod, so I decided that I was going to add a little hydraulic oil Champion 4000 (J20C compatible) to climb a bit. Tractor is 175 hours on it, so I guess It has never been changed, or from 50 hours of revision.

Have I done something bad mixing JD Hygard with Champion 4000 oil? I put you like a quarter of a gallon, or 1 1/2 QT of the Champion.

Then I read that the oils should not be mixed. Thoughts?

You should not have any problem with the small amount of liquid added. If you find a problem, it is most likely that the fluid needs a service. When performing the maintenance of the hydroelectric, it is not limited to replacing the thread filter and the new liquid and considers it good. If that model has a sieve in the sink, remove it and clean it, and check that there is no dirt on the rock shaft or on the 3-point screen. These first hours are when the gears are still “settling” is often the time when most fine metallic particles are created. The filter will catch them, but the larger particles will not be able to pass the crankcase screen and sometimes they can restrict the flow, especially when the fluid is cold.

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