John Deere 3038E increase in the lifting height of the hitch

John Deere 3038E increase in the lifting height of the hitch Problems

John Deere 3038E increase in the lifting height of the hitch

The snowmobile club is building a new trail through some woods. I brought my John Deere 3038E equipped with the FEL hub and rear blade to help out last Saturday. One of my tasks was to clear a path through a “stone” wall. It was more of a rock wall – about 5-6 feet wide and 3 feet high at most. He was very old. There has been no attempt at agriculture in our town since the 19th century.

Regardless, I got to about 3/4 of the way dragging the rocks back with the FEL and then picking them up individually and dropping them to the side. By this time, I had created a small gully under the fence and the tractor was on a 20-30 degree incline to work on the rest. The problem I had was that at that angle the rear blade was hooked to the ground and could not exert much force either forward or backward.

Even with the top link almost fully retracted this still happened. It was almost the end of the day and I wasn’t in the mood to drive the half mile or so to get to the other side, so I’m going to have to go back and attack the rest another day.

Yes, I could have removed the blade. Yes, I am very lazy. Right now it’s raining and I don’t feel like going out and looking at the back of the machine and trying to figure it out.

On level ground there is enough room for the blade. What I am wondering is if there is any trick to get more height when the hitch is raised that I am missing.

There is a lift link on the right side that has a tensioner treatment that allows you to change the pitch of the implement by making the link shorter or longer. The length of the left side link can be changed by removing the upper end of the rock shaft arm and screwing the link into its end. I can get a photo later if you want.

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