John Deere 3038E Over Heating

John Deere 3038E Over Heating Problems

John Deere 3038E Over Heating

I bought a John Deere 3038E last year. I have repeatedly overheated while grinding with an MX5. I have recently discovered that the tractor can develop overheating problems due to poor grounding causing electrolysis in the cooling system. There is a TSB on the subject. To determine the problem, use a voltmeter and check for voltage in the coolant by starting the tractor and grounding the voltmeter to the frame and placing the other terminal in the coolant while the tractor is still running. The solution provided by JD is to reconnect the engine block and replace the coolant. I have 100 hours on my tractor. It has been returned 4 times for overheating, they even told me I was working in an area too dusty for the tractor.

Has anyone had similar problems? My radiator was aluminum with plastic fittings. the plastic ate ​​from the inside out and was just a shell. The warranty company says it will not cover the damage because it is the owner’s responsibility to check the refrigerant voltage. And change the liquid when necessary. So I am supposed to change it every time I use it.

Did you buy the shredder and the tractor from the same dealer as a package?

In other words, when the 3pth travels up and down and the PTO is connected to the output shaft (540pto) of the tractor, if the length of the PTO shaft on the implement is too long, it can jam and possibly (most likely) breaking the output shaft (housing / bearings) on your tractor (And yes many are made from aluminum, which wouldn’t matter in this case even if it was cast iron. Something would have to go wrong at some point What seems to have happened.

Although all subcompact tractors that I know of have an industry standard Cat 1 PTO and 540 rpm, the distance between the end of the output shaft and the balls in the three point is not always the same. In fact, whenever we sell a unit with PTO operated implements, I have my service department attach / check / shorten the implement PTO shaft (you must shorten both halves equally) to ensure this does not happen.

If you bought the tractor and the shredder together at the same time as a package (in other words, you did not take the tractor home and then decided to buy the shredder and took it home afterwards) I think it is the responsibility of the SELLER to make sure that the equipment are compatible with each other. If you purchased the tractor from dealer A and later purchased the shredder from dealer B, then it is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment is compatible with each other.

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