John Deere 3038E Speedometer

John Deere 3038E Speedometer Problems

John Deere 3038E Speedometer

I recently purchased a brand new John Deere 3038E and just realized that it does not show vehicle speed or miles per hour. The manual does not include the speedometer and I have called the dealer and John Deere with no luck. I have been told that the 3038R has a speedometer. How are you going to apply the fertilizer and use a sprayer without ground speed? The tractor is hydrostatic so the forward speed tables do not apply.

Google “Measuring Tractor Ground Speed ​​for Fertilizer Spreading” and some results will give you some ways. For hydrostatic, use a set of rpm and cruise control on a course measured for distance, while than track the volume or weight of the fertilizer in one setting. There are, I believe, monitors that are available as well and maybe they can be rented or borrowed from a fertilizer farm store.

I had this same question and the solution in this post is what I did. I ordered and installed a cruise control kit. Part of calibrating sprayer tips (or measuring tip output) involves running and timing a predetermined distance. Now I set my RPM where I know it is supposed to be and smash the pedal going all the way to the floorboard and locking in the cruise control.

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