John Deere 3038E spool valve

John Deere 3038E spool valve Problems

I have a 2018 John Deere 3038E, I am trying to plumb on a hydraulic top link and spool valve.

At the rear of the tractor is power beyond the backhoe (I bought the new tractor with a ton of accessories).

I have very limited hydraulic knowledge. The top ports of the spool valve go to the cylinder, the hose from the P port to the power beyond the female connector. The T port I connected to the male hose that I am holding and pointing to.

It works … more or less, but smooth, retracting cylinder jerks (being plumbed incorrectly, could damage the pump).

My understanding is that the power beyond must be connected unless I am using backhoe.

Some say I need to install the BLV10461 SCV rear hydraulic kit. The dealer says $ 1800 installed.

For me, the P port of the spool valve needs pressurized hydraulic fluid and the T port just goes to the tank (fluid return, no pressure). A “T” connector to the power beyond, then the hose return line?

I installed the front hydraulics for a claw myself, so actually those two long two-hose lines back would work, except those are controlled by solenoids and the joystick switch. T-connect those lines before the solenoid?

I don’t know which of your PB hoses is IN or OUT so I can’t help but the DPOCV (Dual Pilot Operated Check Valve) that is mounted on / part of the cylinder could be the reason for the jarring. Also ideally, when adding a ticket like this you would want one that has three ports on it, IN, OUT, and PB / BYD (power beyond).

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