John Deere 3038E Transmission Pick up Screen

John Deere 3038E Transmission Pick up Screen Problems

John Deere 3038E Transmission Pick up Screen

The John Deere 3038E loses power after reaching temperature and the FEL slows down and loses power as well. I bought the tractor in May 14 and I have 70 hours on it.

Taken to the dealer who has determined that the hydraulic pickup screen needs to be cleaned and is walking around that it is not under warranty due to it being a service item and being so close to a 100 hour service need (FYI no there is 100 hour service and the hydraulic fluid and filters are not due until 400 hours, they have requested to speak to the JD representative about the discrepancy in the dealers’ service schedule vs. the owners manual’s service schedule regarding to warranty work and are still waiting for response).

So since I seem to have to figure this out myself, the question is this: where is the collection grid and how can I get to it? Also, why would the grille be clogged at 70 o’clock?

I have searched online and on this forum as well and although I did find some seemingly relevant things I don’t know enough about this yet to be sure if it really is. The owner’s manual details fluid and filter changes but has nothing on the pickup screen.

The screen collects debris and fillings left in the transmission and hydraulic system from the manufacturing process. It is not uncommon for it to be nearly clogged at 50 hours. Typically, the first service on most machines is at 50 or 100 hours, and the screen clears at that time. There is often a tag under the hood that has a schedule that differs from the owner’s manual for some reason as well.

I can’t get a picture of the screen at this point from JDP, but I would recommend that you drain the fluid, clean the screen, replace the filter, then strain and reinstall the fluid.

Also, maybe you should think about buying the technical manual for your machine, which are around $ 75 and 1000 times more complete than your owner’s manual.

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