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John Deere 3038E Specifications & Technical Data

Specifications & technical data for the John Deere 3038E tractor can be found on this page.

The Series 3 is not the smallest in the offer nor the largest intended exclusively for commercial use, but is a more suitable machinery for individuals who have a lot of work to do at home in the forest. The John Deere 3038E is a mid-level tractor for people who need more than just basic specs.

The entire Deere 3E range comes standard with all-wheel drive, a must-have when working on (and moving) loose surfaces. You’ll never regret having it, and when it’s time to do some real work, you’ll want to have it hooked up with the gearbox on the low end. The locking differential, which is activated by pressing the brake pedal halfway, completes the running gear that helps get the job done, big or small.

Tractors don’t change much from year to year. Unless it’s a new generation, there aren’t many noticeable differences. That’s not to say that you don’t get anything new for your money when you buy a 3038E with zero hours. For starters, John Deere offers a six-year / 2,000-hour powertrain warranty, which means the dealer will fix that 1.57-liter Yanmar diesel engine if something happens.

  • A relocated fuel tank allows for easier filling and increased capacity
  • Quick-removable side panels and fairing without tools for easier access to the engine
  • Additional factory-installed options to reduce setup time
  • More tire offerings, including an R4 size Larger for increased ground clearance
  • Telescopic pull links for easy attachment of rear implements
  • A 12-volt power outlet at the operator’s station to keep your electronics charged.
John Deere 3038E

Technical Specifications John Deere 3038E

General information about John Deere 3038E
BrandJohn Deere
Engine power (gross)27.4 kW
36.7 hp
Power take-off (PTO) power22.4 kW
30 hp
Steering hydraulics15 L/min
4 gpm
Implement hydraulics20.2 L/min
5.3 gpm
Hitch typeCategory 1
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms615 kg
1356 lb
Standard transmission; forward/reverseHydrostatic transmission (HST)
Cruise controlOptional
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab)Open operator station (OOS): 1210 kg
2668 lb
Cab: Not applicable
Wheelbase1593 mm
62.7 in.
Engine model3TNV86CT-NJT2
Engine power (gross)27.4 kW
36.7 hp
Power take-off (PTO) power22.4 kW
30 hp
Rated engine speed2500 rpm
Injection pump typeHigh pressure common rail direct injection
Emissions complianceFinal Tier 4
Cylinders/displacement3 / 1.57 L
3 / 95.7 cu in.
Number of cylindersThree
Cylinder linersCast-in-block
Bore and stroke86 x 90 m
3.4 x 3.54 in.
Compression ratio19.1:1
Cooling systemWater Pump
Air cleanerDual element
Engine torque at rated speed104.7 Nm
77.2 lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity28.5 L
7.5 gal.
Battery size500 CCA
Alternator (12-V)55 amp
Starter size1.4 kW
1.9 hp
TypeHigh pressure common rail direct injection
Fuel consumption
Standard transmission; forward/reverseHydrostatic transmission (HST)
Left-hand reverserNo
Final driveSpur gear
BrakesWet disk
SteeringPower steering
Axle capacityFront
880 kg
1940 lb
1200 kg
2645 lb
Cruise controlOptional
Differential lockYes
TypeOpen center
Pump rated outputSteering
15 L/min
4 gpm
20.2 L/min
5.3 gpm
35.2 L/min
9.3 gpm
Pump typeDual gear
Maximum operating pressure172 bar
2495 psi
Draft control sensingPosition control
Remote control valves availableUp to two (optional)
TypeCategory 1
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms615 kg
1356 lb
StandardRear – 540 rpm
ClutchWet disk
Brake (for mid and rear PTO)Wet disk
Crankcase with filter4.5 L
4.8 qt
Transmission and hydraulic system20.8 L
22 qt
TypeSpur gear
Differential lockYes
Rollover protective structureType
Platform – flat/straddleStraddle
Gear shift location – console/floorLeft-hand side
Wheelbase1593 mm
62.7 in.
Front axle clearanceMinimum: 299 mm
11.8 in.
Maximum: 333 mm
13.1 in.
Turning radius without brakes2.9 m
9.4 ft
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab)OOS: 1210 kg
2668 lb
Cab: Not applicable
FrontR1 Bar: 7-14
R3 Turf: 27×8.5-15
R4 Industrial: 25×8.5-14
R4 Industrial: 27×8.5-15
RearR1 Bar: 11.2-24
R3 Turf: 41×14-20
R4 Industrial: 15-19.5
R4 Industrial: 43×16-20
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